Hadi Alizadeh

Daf book - 2021 - : Oriental frame drum 40 €
Author: Hadi Alizadeh
ISBN 978-3-9822323-0-0
Ring binding, 218 pages
The book is written for the Kurdish frame drum Daf. However, it can also be used for other types of hand drums
if you leave out the halge (rings). Without the rings, the notation can be used for many types of percussion
percussion instruments. As a notation system I use the system developed by Bahman Rajabi
developed on one line. The book is aimed at both beginners and advanced players. I have deliberately used the original terms such as Tom, Tak, Chap ... in the book, and of course there are German and English descriptions.
descriptions. . The book contains explanations and illustrations of the Daf frame drum and is suitable for self-study.
The book has over 200 pages. The language is German/English and it also contains pictures and explanations and of course lots of sheet music.