Hadi Alizadeh

Bio Hadi Alizadeh
Training on the Persian drum "Tonbak" with Master Bahman Rajabi (Tehran/Iran).
2010: Publication of the first volume of the textbook "Frame drum DAF for beginners"
2011: Foundation of the group Alamto
2011: Award for best instrumentalist at the international music competition in Val Tidone
2012: Publication of "Odd Rhythms - Theory and exercises for odd rhythms"
2017: First prize at the Creole Festival Bavaria with duo partner Gayané Sureni
since 2019: Teaching at the Nuremberg Music School
2020: Elected Artist of the Month for April in the Nuremberg Metropolitan Region
2020: Publication of the Tonbak book with over 200 pages in German and English
2021: Publication of the DAF book with over 200 pages in German and English
2023: Publication of the Percussion (2) Voices book in German and English

Hadi Alizadeh has been giving workshops at home and abroad for beginners and advanced students for many years, e.g. Nuremberg College of Music, Dinkelsbühl Vocational College, London Masterclass etc. Performances at various festivals, organization of many concerts e.g. Peace Concert in the Tafelhalle Nuremberg. He is a sought-after partner in theater productions, e.g. Theater Oberammergau - Antonius and Cleopatra and Stadttheater Ingolstadt- krabat by Otfried Preußler.


Süddeutsche Zeitung :
...the intimate, Kurdish-Armenian music duo of percussionist Hadi Alizadeh and singer Gayané Sureni are the winners of the Bavarian Creole World Music Competition. They came out on top against four other competitors at the Künstlerhaus in Nuremberg and can now perform at the Bardentreffen in July and represent Bavaria at the Creole Festival in Hanover in November.
Sun. September 25, 2016 - MAIN POST Schweinfurt: World-class drummers
Especially when you pay so much attention to quality. In the round tent at the market, Iranian Hadi Alizadeh, who lives in Nuremberg, almost brought his Kurdish frame drum Daf and the Persian Tonbak to life with his virtuoso finger playing, resulting in storms of enthusiasm from the audience.
Music and stage
Süddeutsche Zeitung No. 162, Monday July 16, 2012 "Passion theater":
...What Hadi Alizadeh does. He drums on stage, rhythms the scenes, the language, very finely, very discreetly...

  • Augsburger Allgemeine:

The musical interplay is not only fascinating, but sometimes it takes the cruelty out of the story.
other times the Persian musician literally drums the tension out of the audience. Nobody is afraid here, but the audience sits spellbound
the audience sits and listens to the story of Krabat.
B5 News:
while Iranian percussionist Hadi Alizadeh tenderly worked the Daf flat drum. Some members of the audience were amazed at the sounds he was able to elicit from the inconspicuous "wooden lid" - and were increasingly driven to ecstasy.....
Hadi Alizadeh, who plays the Persian tonbak drum and the frame drum daf with incredible virtuosity and shows how meditative and yet rhythmically stimulating the music of the Orient can be.
It is the music that reflects people's feelings and Hadi Alizadeh's fingers made them audible. His virtuoso playing on the Persian drum Tonbak and the frame drum Daf filled the Dark Box...
the drum creates an eerie atmosphere" .....
If you can play like this, you don't need a stylish stage, an elaborate light show or big words....


"A driving groove, sophisticated melodic accompaniment and free improvisation preserve the tried and tested while elevating it to a new artistic level. The evening is captivating to the very last note and the audience experiences how unifying seemingly inaccessible music can be."
Münchner Merkur on 07.02.2012
"...The tenderness that drummer Hadi Alizadeh achieves with his playing is unbelievable." "...and so the eyes of the audience are always glued to this exotic instrumentalist, who gives them such fascinating views of musical landscapes and threatens to notize them."
Allgäuer Anzeigenblatt- Allgäuer Zeitung: No. 23 Saturday January 29, 2011
"Hadi Alizadeh's virtuosity on the classical Persian "Tonbak" and the Kurdish ("Daf") frame drums truly amazed the numerous visitors to the Kulturwerkstatt.