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Daf book - 2021 - : Oriental frame drum 40 €

Tonbak Book - 2020 -: Oriental Rhythms 40 €

Percussion (2) Voices Book - 2023 : 40 €

Other books:

Odd Rhythms - 2012 - "Theory & Exercises for Odd Rhythms" 20 €

Author: Hadi Alizadeh
ISBN: 978-3-00-038129-4
Ring binding, 74 pages
I have not only used well-known odd rhythms in the book, e.g. 7/8 (2+2+3) Iran,
5/8 (2+3) Kurdistan, 16/8 (3+3+3+3+2+2) India, 9/8 (2+2+2+3) Turkey,
12/8 (3+3+2+2+2) Flamenco, 10/8 (3+3+2+2) Take 5, Gypsy music: 11, 13... etc. but all the odd rhythms that exist and that can be used to create new forms.
It is important that musicians work, compose and play with a variety of versions/forms of odd rhythms. It is fun and creates new feelings, images and a new musical language.
You don't necessarily need an instrument to play these pieces, you can also practise on your thigh or on the table!


Textbook for frame drum DAF - Volume 1 with CD - 2010 - 30 €
Author: Hadi Alizadeh
ISBN: 978-3-00-033068-1
Ring binding, 77 pages, with CD
Part 1 of the book introduces the Daf frame drum and explains its special playing style with the help of photos. Special notation signs are also shown with photos and explanations. A general music theory section with explanations of note values, time and other musical terms necessary for this textbook explains the theoretical, rhythmic basics to the students in a simple and understandable way.
The second part of the book contains 11 pieces which the pupils should practise slowly. As the frame drum Daf is not only an accompanying instrument but also a solo instrument, pieces have been written for the book, some of which are notated over several pages. This means that the pupils not only play certain rhythms, but also learn musical sequences and the creative possibilities of the frame drum Daf.
The accompanying CD is structured in such a way that all 11 pieces are first played very slowly for beginners (tracks 1-11), and then at the correct, fast tempo (tracks 12-22). This encourages students to practise slowly at first and also gives them the motivation to reach the faster tempo later on




Ov Sirun: Oh you pretty one 15 €
Gayane Sureni / voice, piano
Hadi Alizadeh / Tonbak & Daf

 Solo Tonbak and Daf 15 €
Hadi Alizadeh
Tonbak and daf