Hadi Alizadeh

Ab Januar Unterricht in der Musikschule Nürnberg !

Rhythmen der Seele. Percussion zwischen Orient und Okzident   

Tagesworkshop mit Hadi Alizadeh 

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E-Mail: hadi.alizadeh(at)gmx.de

Tel: 0049(0)160 9933 8120



During the workshop the virtuoso drummer and gifted drumming teacher Hadi Alizadeh will give you an understanding of the basic drumming skills and universal rhythms. You will have the opportunity to immediately explore them on the Kurdic-Persian instrument Daf, a large frame drum with many metal ringlets, so called cymbals, attached  to it. She has a very destinct sound that is simply enchanting. 

You will soon have a sense of achievement in playing with others and improvising, You will experience the delightful variety of this oriental music with its special rhythms exhibiting a variability as rich as that of the tales of the orient. Discover the rhythms of Iran and Kurdistan during this workshop, which captivate the audience with their beauty and awaken a sense of the stories of 1001 nights. 

No experience required.